Building a Foundation of Marketing

Your business is built from hard work and great ideas. Now it’s time to build a marketing system that fits your unique needs. A marketing system is the entire process of your customer’s journey. This system should be able to answer the following questions.
  • How do customers find you?
  • What is the most profitable source of customer acquisition?
  • What are the various journeys your customers take until they purchase?
  • How does your business follow up with automation? 
  • What marketing channels can easily be scaled with investing time / money? 
  • How does your marketing help customers who are sitting on the fence? 
  • What happens after your customer purchases?
  • How is automation helping to encourage customers to return? 

The Pillars of Your Marketing Foundation

Looking back, Looking again: Goals

  • Where are you now?
  • Where have you been?
  • What has worked / failed?
  • Where do you want to be?


  • Defining your audiences
  • Creating a method of reach & acquisition
  • Customer journey defining
  • Converting shoppers into customers
  • Short term and long term follow up


  • Adaptive changes
  • AI powered decision making
  • Testing and optimizing
  • 24/7/365 Marketing
  • Prospecting and follow up


  • Creating growth potential channels
  • Relying on systems, not people
  • Hunting for peak performance
  • Seeking new channels
  • Watching out for single-source marketing

How can you build your marketing to be better than ever?

The first step to building a better marketing system for your business is to realize that marketing is holistic, and not just google ads or SEO. Ads & SEO are a part of a system, much like plumbing is part of a house. Before focusing on one part of your marketing, understand what you’d like it to look like as a system. 


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